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Manage and challenge oneself

a talent refers to the one who is competent for the job, and an excellent talent equipped with innovative and pioneering?spirit.

Talent Concept

Manage and challenge oneself

We are proud of the new generation full of vigor and vitality unceasingly join in, but we are more proud of those diligent and dedicated old staff!

Jinggong is an enterprise and even a cause. It needs thousands of ones to achieve it.

Jinggong and its cause belong to all staff.

In the process of its growth, or in achieving our goals, we need talents. We firmly believe that first-class talents are the foundation of building first-class enterprise.

Jinggong is adhering to the of “honesty, trust, cooperation and win-win”; it always regards talents as the foundation of enterprise development, the foundation of competition and the foundation of development. The Group has formed a good corporate ethos of devoting, working hard, fair competition, and respecting knowledge and talents. With its unique talent recruitment strategy and open career development space, excellent talent growth environment, effective incentive mechanism and humanistic corporate culture, Jinggong has made the enterprise a leading place for talents gathering. One is to create a good platform and development space for talents - to retain talents with career development;The second is to create a good cultural environment - to retain talents with treatment;Thirdly, create excellent cultural atmosphere, and constantly strengthen the affinity and cohesion - to retain talents with culture. These three advantages are the core positioning of human resource management in enterprises.For talent selection, we insist on fairness, justice, publicity and established a scientific human resources management system, to make everyone with competence devote into the work, integrating into the work,the company and the society. The essence of connotation of "precision and dedication,achievements lasting for centuries" should be carried forward while achieve themselves. 

Talent Concept: a talent refers to the one who is competent for the job, and an excellent talent equipped with innovative and pioneering?spirit.  

The talent is the first resource of Jinggong. Jinggong attracts talents in different fields and gathers excellent ones.Doctors, masters and senior management personnel, or those who are fighting in production, sales, research and service with their diligent hands, as well as those who ordinary workers, management, marketing personnel, the common scientific research workers constantly devote themselves in Jinggong, are equally indispensable ones.

We hope that there are more and more people joining Jinggong and paying close attention to the development of Jinggong!

Talent Training

Comprehensively implement the strategy of strengthening enterprises with talents, actively carry out the training and labor competition activities that combine going out and introducing, and cultivate the education pattern of "where there is the construction site, there are the employee education followed".In terms of the employment mechanism, the competition system is implemented, forming a humanistic culture of "restraining people with system, binding people with emotion, motivating people with cause and convincing people with performance" , and creating a harmonious entrepreneurship atmosphere in which "talents are willing to work and stay for Jinggong".

We have established and improved the social insurance system of integrating "five insurances" and set up the mutual fund for employees, purchased "family insurance" for employees.We have implemented the paid vacation system, invested over 100 million yuan to build talent apartments, couple rooms and cultural and entertainment places with complete facilities for foreign entrepreneurs. We have achieved the goals of building employee canteens, personnel apartments and hotels, and provided free medical examination, lunch and on and off transportation.

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